Out of all the states with Creepy, urban legends, Michigan has to be one of the top states to do a deep dive into simply because of where we are geographically. Michigan has a rich history getting back to the hundreds of years we’ve had to discover the history and origins of the land.

From urban legends involving natives of the area to devilish imp-like creatures to ghouls and goblins, there is a lot to unpack when you start doing a deep dive into all the urban legends. I tried looking up as many of them as possible and I’m sure there are a lot more to the list, so if you can think of any that I didn’t think of please let me know so I can add them to this interactive map I’ve put together.

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The map points out all the major locations in Michigan where there are said to be urban legends, some of which caught me by surprise. Primarily the one about WK Kellogg being responsible for black squirrels being in Michigan, I did not see that one coming.

But take a look at the map and maybe you can plan a day out where you can try to visit some of these locations and see for yourself if some of these are fact or fiction.

As always, if some of these land on private property, do not trespass in the name of discovery or research.

Which ones made the top of the list? Check them out here. 

20 of Michigan's Greatest Urban Legends


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