For the first time in it's history, the Air Zoo is opening the SR-71B’s cockpit for public viewing! Space and flight enthusiasts from around the area are going to get first hand accounts of the inner-workings of this incredible aircraft direct from former SR-71 pilots and crew members. This is no ordinary plane. It's capable of capturing high-resolution images from over 80,000 feet and has flown more than three times the speed of sound. How fast is that, exactly? 2,200 miles an hour. If you think that's impressive, this machine was built without the aide of calculators or computers. You read that correctly. Want to see this marvel of engineering up close? Join the Air Zoo for a series of events, speakers, and Q&A sessions October 4th through 6th. You must have tickets for these events, and advance online purchase is suggested if you want to avoid a line.

From panel discussions to photo opportunities with Blackbird pilots, admission varies. Click here to learn more.

Bonus Video: SR-71B Blackbird Pilot Trainer Aircraft

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