This could be more of a legend than a fact, as there are numerous locations throughout Michigan that are “claimed” to have been hideouts, homes, and safe houses for Al Capone.

This one seems to have a pretty strong following of believers, so therefore I’ll relate some info.

The area of this particular Capone safe house is called "Purgatory" after the nearby Purgatory Road. Some sources say the site is on Purgatory Road, but it’s not. The site is located about seven miles northwest of Constantine, near the junction of two dirt roads: Preston Road (also called County Line Rd, Profile Lake Drain Rd, and Corey Lake Rd), and Harvey Street, out in the middle of nowhere. It would definitely be a perfect place for Capone to hole up.

All that remains of this “hideout” are foundations, a small bunker in the side of a hill (that could’ve been used for who-knows-what) and another structure filled with pumps and machinery.

As for rumors of the safe house, there are plenty:

1) It had a large brick and mortar fence with broken glass to repel intruders
2) Underground escape tunnels
3) Outside boxing ring built for boxer Joe Louis
4) Motel built for newsmen who report on Louis
5) Halfway stop between Canada & Chicago for bootleggers
6) The house was burned down by vandals and the motel was bulldozed.
7) Alligator pits in the woods
8) Underground pit for gambling & money laundering
9) Haunted
10) Swampy holes were used for dumping bodies

This area is very creepy at night and is loaded with weeds, most likely poison ivy is in there. These dirt roads have very little traffic and any nearby residents may not like you driving by. Be cautious, as there are pits, holes, and swampy areas that you could easily fall into, especially if you go at night. To my knowledge, there aren’t any “no trespassing” signs anywhere, but if there are, respect them and behave yourselves!

Located near the border of St. Joseph & Cass Counties.


The guys who shot the video below must've gotten a case of poison ivy after trampling thru many, many weeds. Skeeter bites, allergies, too. Luckily, they did all the work so we don't have to!

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