The Alamo Drafthouse is screening 'Strange Brew' this Wednesday and you won't even have to give them $6.50 eh!  February 1st ushered in a new month and some bad news for the Kalamazoo cinema scene. Alamo Drafthouse announced they would be closing the doors on April 3rd. If you have not yet been to the Alamo, here is a great way to check it out or make one last visit and see a movie, before the force stops you, you hosers.

On Wednesday, February 8th they will be screening the 1983 Canadian comedy 'Strange Brew' starring Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis at 7 and 9 pm. Fitting for Michigan's real beer city.

You may not get all the free beer and sausage you want but a free movie in this Kalamazoo landmark is closer to heaven then "drownin' in beer".

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