Prohibition did a number on Michigan. From 1920-1933, alcohol was banned in every state in the Union, and for Michigan, it was especially tough, as shipping alcohol across the Great Lakes was a lucrative business. Though, opportunistic gangsters in Chicago and Detroit made it beneficial for themselves, and their speakeasies during that time as well.

But as we all know, in 1933, Prohibition was repealed, and the country got back to normal... mostly. Some cities, and counties decided that prohibition was still a good idea, and continued to ban the sale of, and consumption of alcohol. To this day, many places are still dry, but are there any left in Michigan?

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When prohibition ended, Michigan opened back up in terms of alcohol sales and consumption. The state would allow it, but obviously local governments were welcome to enforce their own rules within their own county and city limits.

Initially, a number of counties maintained a dry status. But now, the majority of the state has what's called "moist counties," which are counties that allow sale and consumption of alcohol, but do have some regulations when it comes to what times it's available during the day, and when you can buy it.


But, Michigan did have some prohibition holdouts for quite some time. Oak Park had been dry since it was established in 1945, but a vote on July 15 of 2013 allowed up to 20 restaurants to obtain tavern licenses. In 2015, citizens voted to allow all alcohol to be sold at businesses within city limits.

And the final dry city after prohibition in Michigan, Hudsonville, voted to allow alcohol sales on November in 2007.

So, no, there are no more dry counties, or communities in Michigan anymore, but there are some rules and regulations still. Though, if you look at the map below, the majority of the Upper Peninsula is full of Wet Counties... likely due to its proximity to Wisconsin, who DOES love to drink.

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