Michigan has a rich history in craft brewing. Everyone likes to talk about the number of dispensaries this state has, but easily, the next most-abundant establishment (besides a dollar store) has to be breweries. One of the most notable breweries in the whole state is Founders.

Most Michiganders recognize the name, and have supported Founders since they opened in 1997. So now, the brewery is showing its love to the state that loves it back with its own brew.

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The beer, deemed Founders' "Beer for the Mitten," is a classic Michigan Pilsner that Founders says is locally sourced and brewed.

"(We use) locally sourced hops and the highest quality Pilsner malt that combine to produce a crisp and easy-drinking quintessential Michigan Pilsner."

The beer is a cold-fermented beer that they promise has all of the classic tastes, flavors, and experiences of the best pilsners in the world. Except this one is made in Michigan, and has been dubbed the "MI P1LSNER."

Founders MI P1LSNER

The packaging and style of the beer couldn't be any more perfect for the communities and state that support this massive craft brewery, which has now spread nearly across the entire country. They also just opened a taproom in Grand Rapids that is by far one of the crown jewels of brewery taprooms in the state.

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They pumped nearly $1 million into its renovation after closing in February of this year. Organizers said they not only want to elevate the beer-tasting experience, but also the overall experience with food and atmosphere.

The new taproom is located at 325 Cesar E. Chavez Ave. SW, and is open now, but will have a hard launch on April 13th.

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