It seems like everywhere I've lived, or traveled to during St. Patrick's Day has a massive following of the Irish holiday. It's obviously steeped in traditions of Irish Whiskey and green beers in America, and dozens of major cities and states across the country go all out every year to put on the Green.

But Michigan... doesn't seem to care much. Obviously, some communities throw parades, and since it's a National Holiday of sorts, we all usually celebrate in some capacity. But compared to all of our neighbors, Michigan really underperforms on St. Patrick's Day. What gives?

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It's possible Michigan has just had a falling out with St. Patrick's Day from their past, because back in 2018, Michigan was ranked in the Top 5 for drunkest states on St. Patrick's Day, only behind Wyoming, Montana, Minnesota, and Iowa. But apparently, in the past six years, thing shave changed drastically.

In 2024, Michigan doesn't even crack the top 15 states who party, or drink the most for St. Patrick's day. That honor now belongs to Alabama, followed by Kansas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Georgia! The average number of drinks, according to a recent survey, is three on St. Patrick's Day, while Georgia and Pennsylvania average four drinks per person, and the top three average FIVE per person.

So Michigan... what gives?

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Michigan Bad at St. Patrick's Day

We should at least be top 5 still, as Michigan has a rich history with the Irish. Many moved to Detroit, and then spread out to farm much of the lower peninsula. In the 1840s, many Irish immigrants became fishermen in and around Beaver Island, Mackinac Island, Bay City, Saginaw, and Alpena. Irish immigrants are even responsible for digging the Ste. Marie Canal, as well as the canals in Grand Rapids and Saginaw.

Of course, Detroit is still going to have celebrations, and now multiple generations of Irish families live in and around the city. If you're planning on celebrating in Detroit, Corktown is the place to be. But even those festivities have calmed down over the years.

As of the start of 2024, those claiming Irish heritage in Michigan is only at about 10%, which is HALF of what states like New Hampshire and Massachusetts have to offer. But that's still higher than Oklahoma, and Alabama.

Michigan bad St. Patrick's Day

Obviously, there will still be celebrations. Many cities, like Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, and Detroit have St. Patrick's Day Parades, and have specials at all the bars... but is it enough?

I don't understand fully why Michigan isn't one of the top states to celebrate, but I DO know, it's high time we bring St. Patrick's Day BACK to glory in Michigan. So if everyone could do their part, and have at least ONE extra drink this year to up our percentages for next year, that'd be great.

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