Don't we have enough to worry about when it comes to our kid's safety?  I know I lament the fact that times have changed so much since I was a kid when we could go anywhere and do anything for as long as we wanted without being supervised.  Sometimes I wonder if there is more danger or we're just hearing more about it these days.  One thing we do know for sure is that the internet has created whole new world for our children and created more for us to worry about.

In an article on, we found out that Facebook's Messenger Kids App is allowing children to chat with strangers.  We certainly don't want to create a target-rich environment for those who wish to do harm.  The discovered the glitch, let it be known and Facebook says the problem has been resolved.  But...they've said a lot of things have been "fixed" that weren't so you make the call.  Check out more of the details HERE.

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