What in the hell is going on here?  See what I did there with the "hell"?  What is happening with out holidays?  First of all, people are losing sight of the true meaning of the particular holidays and they're trying to make convenience take precedence over tradition.  Every year when St. Patrick's Days falls on an inconvenient weekday, everyone gets all butt-hurt that they can't stay out late to party.  And now something similar is taking place with one of the biggies.

According to nbc25news.com, there's a petition circulating to change the date of Halloween to the last Saturday in October!  Well of course people want to change it; and by people I mean adults.  When I was a kid Halloween was all about the kids and the adults didn't have much to do with it.  They're hiding behind the reasoning that kids only get a couple hours on a weekday when they really want to change the date every year so they can go to Halloween parties.  Can't we just leave it alone???


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