October is here and the weather is changing to full on hunting season.  Soon hunters will be hearing the crunching of leaves beneath their feet and cursing that the noise may give them away.  This year, though, that will be one of the least of their problems.  It has been determined that the possibility of serious illness could come into play for hunters in the State of Michigan.

Back in September the Center for Disease Control warned owners of chickens and other fowl pets not to kiss or cuddle with them for fear of contracting salmonella.  Well now the CDC has another warning that doesn't involve kissing.  On wnem.com, there's a report from CNN that has a 77 year old Michigan man contracting Tuberculosis and the carrier was an infected deer.  It's the 2nd such report this month and is raising significant alarm.  If your planning on hunting this year you might want to click HERE and get more precautionary information.


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