The popular History Channel show was in Michigan this past summer.   The latest episode of the series will feature the collection of a Jackson County Man.

According to M-Live,  Mike and Frank of "American Pickers" visited and checked out the collection of Rick Klibenski in Jackson County.

He owns over 50 classic cars from a 1930's Mercedes roadster to a '71  Oldsmobile Cutlass and '52 Woody Station Wagon.

The highlight of his collection features two bubble tops and a Pac-Man car.  You can be sure that Mike and Frank will enjoy this collection and we will see if they will be able to pick anything from it.

"American Pickers"  features Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel around the country looking to purchase items for the "Antique Archaeology" shops and their own personal collections.   There are two locations one in LeClaire, Iowa and one in Nashville, Tennessee.

The latest episode of the show featuring Rick Klibenski of Jackson County will air tonight (February 5th) at 9 p.m.  on The History Channel.

You can get more details on the show at The History Channel.

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