Even if you're not up to date on the history of famous shipwrecks, you've no doubt heard the recent news about the discovery of the Endurance: a ship that went down in the Antarctic over 100 years ago.

The ship was captained by Ernest Shackleton who, astoundingly, was able to get his entire crew off of the Endurance before it slipped beneath the icy water. The ship was thought to be lost forever until March 9th (2022) when it was discovered in near perfect condition:

That's a wooden ship that has somehow remained practically untouched despite the over 100 years it has been submerged.

While Shackleton did not reach his intended destination of the Weddell Sea coast in Antarctica, his journey was nonetheless historic. Read more here.

Now, I'm sure there are many of us that would love to see this piece of history up close. But, traveling to Antarctica feels a bit unrealistic and slightly unreasonable (have you seen the price of flights these days?).

However, did you know that there's an immersive, 4-D walkthrough you can experience in the mitten state?

Following the discovery of The Endurance, The Detroit Zoo revealed that you can see highlights of Shackleton's expedition through pictures set up as a 4-D walkthrough:

While it may not be the same as discovering a ship that was thought to be lost forever, it sure is a warmer way to learn about the Endurance. And, surely, much more fun for the kids.

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The Detroit Zoo is asking that tickets be purchased ahead of time should you decide to visit. Find ticket prices, the zoo's map, and more here.

A Fun Fact Before You Go:

Any Atypical fans out there?

Netflix's show, Atypical, tells the story of Sam, an 18-year-old on the Autism spectrum. While the show tackles a number of different family issues using a combination of heartfelt drama and comedy, one thing that stands out is Sam's love of penguins. And, how he navigates social situations with...Ernest Shackleton's Rules for Survival. There are even two episodes in the second season named as such.

Here's a quick clip from the show:

Read more about Atypical here.

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