When you think of baseball ball park food you think of peanuts, hot dogs, beer and brats.  Safeco Field in Seattle has added something new, grasshoppers.

According to MLB.com, the home of the Mariners have added toasted grasshoppers to their food menu in the stadium.   They made their debut at the home opener and actually sold out.

I can say if I ever make it out to Seattle I know what I am not getting.   I would rather try the deep dish coney pizza at Comerica Park than grasshoppers.

When I think of crazy menu items one I wish I tried when I was there last year was the burgerizza at the old Turner Field in Atlanta.   This monster was a burger with two pizzas as the bun with bacon and cheese.  I couldn't talk my wife in to eating it with me.

There are lots of different things at the ball parks across the country.   One way to decide on were to go if you score the "You Pick The Trip 2",  you can go where the most interesting food is.

Seattle would be cool but I would stay away from the grasshoppers.

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