What could be more iconic southeast Michigan dining than deep dish Detroit-style pizza and a coney dog? So why has it taken so long for these two indulgences to become one?

Comerica Park has introduced some of their new menu items for the 2017 Detroit Tigers season, and the top of the list is a Deep Dish Coney Pizza from Little Caesars.

The pizza is described as

topped with chili and melted mozzarella, a sprinkle of white onion, sliced hot dogs and a yellow mustard drizzle. The pizza, which is $12.50 for four corner slices, has all the qualities of a coney dog, but instead of a bun you get fluffy, baked pizza crust.

At this point, the Deep Dish Coney Pizza is only available at the ballpark. But who knows? Would it surprise you to see these on the menu at Little Caesars across Michigan some day?

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