A quick thank you to the wonderful staff at Firekeepers Casino, especially Kathy George, general manager/VP of hotel operations. This weekend I attended a private event at the casino; the food was spectacular, the service was exemplary, and I even won $27. Woo hooo! But I think the showstopper this weekend was the plate of cookies that greeted me when I checked in to my room. The pictures (below) don't really do the SIZE of these cookies justice.  I have to address the pastry chef at Firekeepers directly on this one...

Dear Pastry Chef at Firekeepers Casino,

There are a few great mysteries in the world; the true identity of Jack the Ripper, what happened to the city of Atlantis, and how you, Pastry Chef, could possibly conceive cookies of this size would be considered a single serving. Bigger than my HAND, 3/4 of an inch thick, one did not simply stop there... no, no... each had to be half-dipped in milk chocolate, and then drizzled with white chocolate. AND THERE WERE SIX OF THEM! I do not exaggerate; I had to eat this cookie with two hands like I was a toddler.  And I didn't even finish it! I made it halfway through before I had to tap out. I don't know, Pastry Chef, if you are an angel sent to help mankind, or a devil that needs to learn portion control. Either way, the cookies were ridiculously decadent and completely worth flicking off my diet for.  My future diabetes thanks you in advance.


Editor's Note: Firekeepers Casino is a sponsor of Townsquare Media and provided Stefani with her accommodations.



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