As previously announced, the good people at Firekeepers Casino Hotel and Events Center are doing their part to honor our veterans with free meals at the VA in Battle Creek on Veterans Day, but they're also doing a little something special at the casino, itself. Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator, Amber Ballard, and Director Of Food And Beverage, Brandon Coco stopped in to the studio to talk about the season of giving, and what's new at Firekeepers.

"We do have a Veterans Day giveaway," Ballard confirmed. "Normally we would have a celebration where the team members line up to shake hands with all the veterans, but because of COVID we're going to limit that. We have Patriot Cards. Everyone can come in and swipe their card on the kiosk, that is a service member, and receive some Red Hot Credits on us. And then they get a free entree from any of the restaurants."

Speaking of restaurants, you can never go wrong with any of the restaurant options at Firekeepers, however, if you haven't been there in a minute, there's a new menu at Dacy's Tap House. "We have a lot of new items in there. We revamped it completely with Sportsbook being the big thing," Coco teased. "We have a lot of items that are quicker for people to get, so when they're sitting there trying to do their sports betting, they can get a nice snack. We've got some new pizzas, they're called Roman Style Pizzas. It's almost like pizza on focaccia."

And then he mentioned something about brisket ends. You know, the very best part of the brisket? Well, they are now offering brisket ends served on kettle chips with horseradish cheddar. Fugetaboutit.

Also, the staff at Firekeepers are keeping positive when it comes to bringing live events back. "We're hopeful that things will start slowing down, and we'll be able to get back in to the event center," Ballard stated. "Our next concert is scheduled for the end of February. We're crossing our fingers and toes that we won't have to reschedule again. All the updated show dates are official on our website and the Facebook page, as well. If anyone had tickets, they're still good."

Check out the full interview with Firekeeper's own Amber Ballard and Brandon Coco below.

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