The Michigan Humane Society is putting up a sizable reward for any information that will lead officials to the capture of whoever mutilated a rottweiler found wandering around Detroit. Cruelty like this is unconscionable. To whoever is responsible for this, I have a few words for you...

Michigan Humane Society
Michigan Humane Society

I hope they find you, you sick son of a bitch. I hope they find you before you do this to another helpless animal, because if you can cut the ears and nose off of one animal without a whit of thought, you certainly are capable of doing it again. And when your time comes, when you are being processed and questioned as to how you could bring such unimagined harm to this dog, don't you dare talk about your rough childhood, your neglectful parents, or your sudden jailhouse conversion. There is no talking back this kind of butchery. The only thing I can possibly hang my hat on is the idea that somewhere in this world there is a person with a big enough heart and home to bring your victim in while you rot like the beast you are.


The Michigan Humane Society is taking on the medical care of this dog. If you would like to donate to help their cause, please click here.

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