Yes, there still is ice and winterlike conditions to be found across Michigan in late April 2021, particularly as this video shows from the shores of Lake Superior at Copper Harbor.

Copper Harbor is on the very tip of the Upper Peninsula's Keweenaw Peninsula.

The video was shared to Facebook and shows the majesty of the greatest of the Great Lakes.

Photographer Steve Brimm captured this video of a tempestuous lake that certainly feels more like the gales of November rather than the supposed lambs of spring that late April should have.

It's not just the slow motion of the images, but the low rolling thunder-like sounds the slomo captures that make this video so awe-inspiring.

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Commenters on the Michigan Nature Lovers Facebook group were equally entranced:

Oh I love Mother Superior. She’s beyond amazing and so incredibly beautiful. Can ya tell she my favorite lake?

Yep, ya never know what that lake is going to do.
Beautiful pic
People who did not grow up around the Great Lakes just don't have any idea the the lakes are this wild.
Wish we could share this to the rest of the world- most of whom have no idea what “a lake” can be like.
she's a beauty even when she is a little upset!
She’s really a sea and her attitude is unpredictable, fierce and unapproachable! Her way of protecting herself from the sins of humans. It’s why she’s Superior!
That sums it up, doesn't it? Other states and Ontario get some coastline on Superior, but Michigananders, particularly hearty Yoopers from the coast know that only we can claim it as our own.
While you're at it, check out where you can claim a bit of your own Pure Michigan:

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