Yes, it's spring... FINALLY! Not that we've really had a long, consistent winter in Michigan. It's actually been quit warm on average, and the snowfall has been pretty low in comparison over year past. But just because Spring has sprung doesn't mean Michigan is out of the snowy woods just yet.

Mere days after the official start of Spring on earth, Michigan could see a major snow event that might bury some communities in up to a foot of snow.

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Meteorologists are now predicting a "high-impact snowfall event" on Friday, that could effect travel through most of Friday, and into the weekend.

Reports show that initial snowfall should begin around 4 a.m. Friday morning on the western parts of the state, and push east through the central parts of the lower peninsula, especially.

The storm isn't likely to have high winds, but will likely cause visibility issues, travel impacts, and even a small chance of some power outages.

Snowfall will continue through the day and into the evening commute, before pushing out over Lake Erie and out of Michigan.

In its wake, parts of west Michigan could see estimates of 5-7 inches of snow from the initial storm. But, we don't do things according to play in west Michigan.

Once the system moves on, the possibility of lake effect snow still exists, and could drop an additional few inches on parts of the state. Most places will at least see 3 inches of snow, though.

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Michigan is expected to see cooler and wetter conditions through the Spring and Summer as the warm, dry El Niño system moves out of the Pacific, and a cooler, wetter La Niña takes its place. This could result in a very active storm season, but with much cooler temperatures in comparison to 2023.

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