October is supposed to be that true, official switch to fall. With that comes cooler temperatures, maybe a little more precipitation, and of course, cloudy skies.

This year, though, in Michigan, those gloomy skies and other weather factors could be gearing up to set records across the state.

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If you've noticed the cloud cover is a bit "excessive" this year in October, you'd be right. So far, west Michigan has seen, on average, about a 32 percent chance for sunshine, so far, across the state. If the trend holds, it would mean this is the cloudiest October for west Michigan since 2009.

In addition to that, October has seen a significant amount of rain since day 1. The last dry weekend in west Michigan was clear back on Sept. 29th.

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This has been the rainiest October in west Michigan since 2018 with 3.90 inches falling as of Oct. 20th, and obviously, more on the way as showers are expected to finish out the week.

And that's not all, west Michigan is also looking at maybe one of the warmest Octobers on record. Temperatures cooled off over the past couple weeks, but started well into the 70s and 80s. There's only a few days left, but at least two more days in the 70s are predicted before a sharp cool down heading into November.

Strange Weather Conditions in Michigan in 2023

It has been an exceptional year for weather in Michigan as the spring and summer started off in near drought conditions, but quickly rebounded in late June. The state also saw a number of excessive heat advisories that even stopped several football games from happening the first week of the season.

Moving forward, meteorologists are predicting drier, and warmer than average weather across Michigan this winter, while southern portions of the country will likely see more precipitation than normal, and cooler than average temperatures.

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