I pride myself on knowing the law.  Not in a "law school" sense. I'm not smart enough to be a lawyer, afterall, I've never been able to "pass the bar"...drinking joke...Anyway, I've also been interested in weird laws in Kalamazoo and Michigan like a woman is not allowed to cut her own hair without her husband's permission or people are not allowed to be drunk on trains.  And in Kalamazoo you are not allowed to serenade your girlfriend.  Which brings us to what I ignorantly thought was a weird law.

In an article on 9and10news.com, many Northern counties are putting "frost' laws into effect.  To be honest I realize the need but wasn't aware of a law.  I'm aware of weight restriction laws but not in terms of weather related conditions.  Essentially, this time of year when roads are starting to thaw they become vulnerable to heavy vehicles and machinery.  Without the frost laws roads could become irreparably damaged leading to unsafe conditions and expensive repair.  Check out more by clicking HERE.



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