I've had the opportunity to tell stories about the McKelly's dog Gracie more than a few times in this venue and, by the way, her breath is still unbearable.  Just last night as I let her out back to take care of business I realized that I haven't really been paying attention to make sure we're doing what we're supposed to in the extreme weather we're experiencing and expecting to return.  I think we take for granted that, because they're an animal, they'll be fine.  And speaking of fine, you could get fined for not adhering to some of the principles.

Obviously, you don't want to leave them out there even if they're an "outside" dog and I remember something about making sure to remove the snow from between their pads.  So I went to the Kalamazoo Humane Society website to find out what else we should be doing.  Sure enough one of the things was to limit your dog's time outside when its really cold.  I suggest you do what I did and click HERE to find out the other tips to keeping them safe.  After all, we've got a lot more really cold weather just ahead.


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