The past few weeks have been pretty interesting to say the least. There have been peaceful protests, looting and rioting in some major cities in Michigan. Here in Kalamazoo, as far as protesters and demonstrators are concerned, things have been peaceful. The unprovoked intimidation and force that has been shown to them during peaceful demonstrations have proven to fail. This city will not give in to violence or intimidation, and perhaps that was proven true over the weekend.

Windows which were boarded up over the course of last week in the Kalamazoo Mall are now being painted on by artists and demonstrators from Kalamazoo to show that love and unity in our community can't be shaken or driven to violence. Also, that the stance they have taken can not be toppled. These artists are committed to being heard and demanding change through their art, as well as recognition that their cause is just.

More peaceful protests over the weekend in and around Bronson Park continued to show that Kalamazoo is not full of violent people, and the demonstrators want to show the world that they're above the violence, yet, these protests will continue until the system which has oppressed them for over 400 years is changed.

The art which now decorated the Kalamazoo mall is a reflection of that demand for equality, as apposed to change through violence. Some depicting victims of racial injustice, some just beautiful words of encouragement that this movement will bring a revolution to the way our whole country operates.

Kalamazoo Mall Black Lives Matter Murals




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