Longtime guest of the Rocker Morning Show, Ernie Hudson is back in the second season of The Family Business, which premieres tonight on BET. Hudson stars as L.C. Duncan, patriarch and CEO of Duncan Motors, as well as working as executive producer. The beloved actor took some time out of his non-stop schedule to check in with Mike McKelly and Stefani Bishop. He talked about the Black Lives Matter movement, why being a part of The Family Business is important to him, and the upcoming Ghostbusters movie.
"We've been trying to make peace with and live with a set of circumstances that just haven't worked for everybody," Hudson began, regarding the recent protests surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement. "What's different about this time is there are a lot of people now saying "okay, we hear that."
Rather than a quick fix to inequity, and just slapping a Band-Aid on the issues, this movement is looking to enact longstanding change. "The Band-Aid was usually 'you're upset and we don't want that, so we're just doing something until you calm down,' and then we go back. We can't slide back to where we were because where we were wasn't working.
"I was raised to believe that you're either responding in fear or your responding out of love," the actor continued. "When we start to fear we become defensive and protective and it's hard to see the other side. When we respond out of love, we recognize we all have a point of view and lets figure out how we can make this work."
The critically acclaimed BET show, The Family Businessreturns tonight with its second season' premiere. "It's a great show, it's a lot of fun. I wanted to do it... because of the family dynamic, it's a very complex family. But when you believe that this is the only option to you, and they're very much involved in some illegal activity, but a lot of action. We were halfway through the second season and we were shut down along with the entire industry and now we're still trying to figure out how do we go back? It's hard to do what we do with social distance."
Of course the rumors have been swirling for years regarding another Ghostbusters movie. It has been confirmed; Hudson will return in the latest installment, reprising his role as Winston Zeddemore. "It was scheduled to come out this month, but it's been pushed back to next March. Everybody came back. It was almost a spiritual experience for me. I didn't realize how much impact this film has had on my life, and these are the people who shared my experience, the new cast is amazing, I'm really excited about it."
Check out the entire Rocker Morning Show interview with Ernie Hudson below.

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