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Kalamazoo Civic Summer Costume Shop Sale
Need a top hat or hoop skirt for your steampunk Halloween costume? Are you a collector of vintage corsets? Are you a parent looking to add something fun and funky to your child's dress-up box? The Kalamazoo Civic's need for more wardrobe space is your gain.
Local Brewery Pays Off School District Lunch Debt
We've been hearing often about student lunch debt.  Whether it's individual students who can't afford to buy lunch or an entire school or school system being relieved of the cost through generosity.  Most recently we heard about a school principal who warned parents who haven't paid their bill that …
DeAnne Smith at Kalamazoo State Theatre in October
"What is a DeAnne Smith show like? Well, The UK Telegraph says she’s “Smart. Very funny. Effortless charm lets her get away with murder.” Check our her half hour special, Gentleman Elf, on Netflix, and then get your tickets for her October 4th show here."