You see it happen more and more now. Coyote attacks on pets. As the spread of human civilization meets up the need for Coyote hunting territory, the survival for the Coyote is confusing as it may perceive your pet as a threat or competition against its territory.

Now hunting and trapping Coyotes are allowed statewide in Michigan but only during set seasons. However, if issues arise with a Coyote or a pack of Coyotes outside of hunting or trapping seasons, they can be killed without a license on private land by the landowner, especially if the Coyote becomes a dangerous threat to livestock, pets and humans on private property.

Learning about the behavior of the Coyote and adding some protective measures for your beloved pet when they are outside, can keep your pet safe from this dangerous threat.

A few things you need to know about Michigan's Coyotes:

*Coyotes average around 25 pounds, but can hit up to 50 pounds or more easy.

*From nose to tail tip they can measure up to 50 inches.

*Coyotes are active day and night night, but more active at dawn and dusk which just happens to coincide with the most common time for a pet walk.

*You'll know they are close when you hear them communicate with barks, yips and howls so you'll need to know how to protect your pet against them.

Tips for protecting your pet against Michigan's Coyotes

*Keep your pet leashed and close to you. Coyotes are wary and cautious around humans so far. I say so far because the more they adapt to human surroundings and get comfortable around us, the less wary and cautious they will eventually become.

*Loud noises scare them. carry horns, whistles and any other device that can manufacture a loud noise when needed.

*Coyotes are creatures of habit so if you spot one change your pet walking route.

*Cats are best left inside.

*If you have a smaller pet and spot a Coyote pick it and hold it immediately.

Carol Sharp knows all to well about what a Coyote can do in the blink of a eye. Thanks god River is going to be okay.

Here's a video (from Kevin Live) of a Coyote spotted in Springfield Michigan.

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