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Looks like a lot of cheering and celebration in Michigan will happen the most when Tom Brady completes a touchdown pass or two. That's according to some data provided by Betonline who compiled more than 2,000 geo-tracked tweets to get an idea of which state is rooting for which team.

Of course that would make sense with Brady being a former Wolverine and all, we as Michiganders (minus true die-hard State fans) would be behind the man, rooting for him and his new team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Betonline used official fan hashtags in every state like #GoBucs, #RaiseTheFlags, #ChiefsKingdom and #RunItBack as part of the data collection. Note that most of the country is betting on the Chiefs to get the win but Michigan feels you should never count out Tom Brady, especially in such an important game. I mean, the man doesn't own 6 Super Bowl rings for nothing. Brady not only knows how to get to the Super Bowl, he knows how to win them.

On the other end of the spectrum we don't hate him as much as apparently Wisconsin and Indiana does. YIKES!




Here are a few Tom Brady prop bets for Super Bowl 55.

*Tom Brady passing touchdowns: Projected 2.0

*Tom Brady Rushing Yards: Projected 0

*Tom Brady total passing attempts: Projected 39

*Tom Brady completed passes: Projected 23

*Tom Brady interceptions: Projected 0.79

Where you at on this? You going Bucs or Chiefs?

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