City of Kalamazoo residents are being reminded by the city to make sure the sidewalks in front of and adjacent to their property are clear of snow and ice within 48 hours of any snowfall. Resident property owners are also responsible for applying salt, sand or other material to prevent slipping within 12 hours of snowfall.

Fail to abide by the ordinance and your subject to committing a municipal civil infraction and may have to pay a fine beginning at $50. If the issue is still not addressed after infraction occurs, the city may even have the snow removed at owners expense.

The city stresses the importance of snow removal with this statement:

“Many of our friends and neighbors rely on sidewalks to stay connected,” said Anthony Ladd, Public Works Manager for the City. “Even if you don’t use sidewalks often, please do your part and help everyone travel safely.”

When you are removing the snow and exposed to the elements use caution and care and make sure you are dressed properly to stay warm and safe while shoveling or snow plowing. The city encourages helping your fellow neighbor who may need a lending hand with snow removal as well.

Other snow removal tips include:

*Before you begin, stretch out. Nothing like getting a backache later that day from failure to stretch out some of those unused muscles.

*To save wear and tear on your back, push the snow rather than lifting it

*Do not shovel after eating or smoking

*Try your best to stay ahead of the snow, meaning shovel smaller amounts several times versus letting inches pile up and trying to remove a lot of heavy snow at once.

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