The Reddit group WallStreetBets trend has hit Kalamazoo. The billboard at Wings Event Center was sporting the #SaveAMC to highway traffic early this morning. Poking fun at Wall Street about hedge funds was the intent of one Brett Reath who purchased the billboard for just a few hundred bucks.

“I thought it was a really interesting way to kind of shed light on the situation that’s been going on,” Reath said.-WOODTV 8

The billboard brings attention to the short squeeze of hedge funds that have been happening with Game Stop & AMC Theater stocks. As you would expect, the reaction in the Reddit Kalamazoo group was hilarious.

Oakengreen: Riding my 36 down the ramp and loving every minute. Hold brothers and sisters! Let’s do this!

A Sneaky peppermint: holding 1,500 shares. This rocketship better take off soon...(Update) I’ve lost a majority of my college funds. Still holding

Markevillie: Holding 2000 shares! LETS DO THIS!! And also transferring assets to fidelity from RH - hopefully people are still holding till then loll probably should have waited

Zaphod BeetlyBought at 17 and riding the dip... wooohooo... free thrills! Bigger the dip the more momentum for the trip to moon. M-O-O-N

Pyschic Rock: My guy! Bought in at $16.10 shortly after the market opened today. Already experiencing losses but man I FEEL ALIVE.

Roe Humbra: Michigander's, Yooper or not, stand behind AMC! Wonder if anyone in Flint is holding the line as well

Itdsawontime: I feel like we need to get AMC to put this on their “Now Showing” board

Willymoe: Wings Event Center will need to change to Rockets Event Center after this. To the moon we go bois! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌕

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