There is allegedly something evil about Ohio, and a young woman from California thinks she knows the answer.

Reddit user r/curiosityinduldged posted that she's from southern California, and hears some of the stories coming out of Ohio, calling them "utterly disturbing/disgusting." And while she might be right (despite probably never setting foot in the state), she managed to take aim at the wrong group to blame apparently... Satanists.

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We kind of agree with her. Yes, something is definitely wrong with Ohio. But blaming the Satanists for what's happening there? Big mistake apparently.

Other comments follow the trend, and go deeper into what they see as the "actual" reason for the concerning things coming out of Ohio. But the bottom line seems to be that it's not the Satanists, or any other group she mentioned that are causing chaos and "evil" in Ohio... but rather, it's just... Ohio.

And that may be the most plausible theory. Just consider some of the things we've written about Ohio! They're terrible at sports because they can't build ballparks.

One woman married her ex-boyfriend's dad, they're calling the cops on their cats, attacking shoppers with motorized carts, and breaking into homes just to take a bath and have hot pockets.

And that's just in the past WEEK!

It's also possible Ohio's craziness is just karma, thanks to Edward Tiffin (stupid name), who started this whole war with Ohio by calling Michigan a "poor, barren, sandy land."

So are the Satanists and new age religion causing evil in Ohio? No, and definitely don't blame them for it, or Reddit will come after you.

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