Hands off my Hot Pocket lady.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that doesn't share food like Joey from Friends.  It's hard enough to share food with friends, but strangers?  Imagine coming home to find that your Hot Pocket has been eaten.  Oh, and the strange woman that ate your Hot Pocket also enjoyed a hot bath at your place.  There's an Ohio family that doesn't have to imagine that bizarre situation, they lived it.

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Last Wednesday a Brookfield Township, Ohio family arrived home to find a 59-year-old woman, whom they did not know, making herself at home.  The burglary suspect admitted to the Brookfield Township police officers that she found the front door unlocked so she let herself in,

After looking around, she partially drank a white claw and put the rest in the refrigerator. She cooked a hot pocket and lasagna. She then made herself a bubble bath and changed into newly purchased clothes that she brought with her.

My friends make fun of me for always locking my doors and having multiple security cameras at my house.  Well, nobody is drinking half a beverage from my fridge and putting it back. So, who's the smart guy now?  Seriously though, law enforcement encourages you to keep your doors locked to protect your Hot Pockets.

Oddly enough, the suspect did not leave when the family got home.  She just went out to the front porch, which is where the police found her when they arrived.  The 59-year-old woman was charged with felony burglary and booked at the county pen.

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