Just when we thought we were getting some semblance of normalcy back after months of isolation and shut-downs, another beloved summer tradition in Kalamazoo is pulling the plug due to COVID-19. The Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo has officially cancelled Art on the Mall for 2020.

Citing the risks involved with hosting the event, Executive Director Kristen Chesak made the tough decisions, saying, quote, "...we are doing what’s best for local artists as
well as our community members."

Usually a June event, Art on the Mall was postponed until August, the idea being that the curve would be flattened and we would be able to convene, once again. However, even with social distancing, mask enforcement, and other safety protocols put in place, the Arts Council does not want to risk the health of the community, or the artists it supports.

However, if art isn't your thing and music is what gets your blood pumping, Kristen Chesak is looking forward to bringing Concerts in the Park to Bronson Park beginning July 19th. "We feel confident that Concerts in the Park will be a safe event,” Chesak commented in a press release.  “Concerts are different in that people are
typically staying in one place throughout the event.” Much easier to comply with physical distance regulations when you're staying put on a picnic blanket.

For those of you who might be looking for ways to support local businesses and artists who call the Kalamazoo Mall home. You can check out the Kalamazoo Pedestrian Market every Friday afternoon through September 25th for a physically distanced shopping experience.

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