Over the weekend, My Wife and I decided to eat one last time at a family favorite.

Emil's is the oldest Italian restaurant in Lansing.  It's been open since 1921 and recently we found out that it was closing its doors next week.

The restaurant was a family favorite for my wife's family.  It was one of her grandfather's favorites.  He passed away earlier this year and we both thought it would be a good way for us to not only dine there one last time, but to honor his memory.

Even though I grew up near Lansing and lived in the area, I never had the chance to go there until I met my wife.  I truly missed out on some great classic Italian food.

For our final meal there my wife had cheese stuffed shells and I had the awesome eggplant parmesan.

It's sad to see another long time favorite in Lansing close.  I'm glad that my Wife and I had the opportunity to dine there one last time and remember the meals she had there with her family.


Photo by Fly


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