There's about "a record's worth" of unreleased Audioslave songs waiting to be heard, guitarist Tom Morello estimated in a video interview with BackStory that streamed live last month. The Prophets of Rage guitarist and solo musician—who just completed a spring tour behind his recent solo album, The Atlas Underground—said as much while taking audience questions near the end of the special brunch conversation at New York's the Cutting Room May 14.

Asked if there's remaining Audioslave material "in the vault," the musician answered in the affirmative before touting the apparent quality of said songs. Is there truly an imminent fourth album from the band fronted by the late Chris Cornell? Watch the whole interview with the Audioslave guitarist down toward the bottom of this post.

"There certainly is a chance," Morello replied. "There are no plans for that currently to be released, but there's no impediments to [it] being released, either. We'll figure it out at some point. There's probably a record's worth of stuff that didn't get released. It's really good, too. Some of the choices of what songs were on what records were almost arbitrary. There's a few of my favorite Audioslave songs that just never fully saw the light of day, so hopefully they'll come out some way."

The hint towards new Audioslave echoes the musician's previous notion that the unreleased tracks would eventually emerge. Last year, Morello said the unheard material from the rock supergroup "will come out at some point." However, he added that he didn't have a timeframe for its release.

One particular tune stands as the crown jewel of unreleased Audioslave gems. "Sleight of Hand," considered one of the rarest tracks by the band, was originally intended as an album cut. However, as Morello recently told Kerrang, certain circumstances prevented the selection from final inclusion. It was performed live but never released.

"It was gonna to be the first single for Revelations, but then [bassist] Timmy [Commerford] really hated it because he thought it sounded like a Danzig song, which is weird," the guitarist recalled. " And then he yelled, ‘Fuck you!’ a lot to the head of the label. And next thing you know we just said, ‘Let’s not put it on the record because we’re about to get dropped.’"

He added, "That one will see the light of day. There’s some other jams too, there's some real good jams, but there’s no plans for that."

Formed in 2001, Audioslave consisted of Rage Against the Machine's core members with Cornell on vocals. They released three albums before breaking up in 2007, but reunited in January 2017 for a one-off show and had hopes of making music together again. Those plans were put to rest with the Soundgarden singer's death later that year.

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