On the Tonight Show, Tom Morello played his new song that champions union workers on strike, fighting for their rights like those at Kellogg's in Battle Creek.

His band was called Raga Against the Machine, after all. Tom Morello is pulling no punches in calling out the establishment and supporting striking workers like those at Kellogg's and across the country. His new song "Hold the Line," a collaboration with Canadian artist grandson, is a call to remain steadfast in the fight against corporate greed.

I’m Tom Morello. I write songs because I want to change the world and fight injustice. I wrote “Hold the Line” with my new friend, grandson, for every single person kicking ass and holding the line.


For those of you out there risking it all for a better future...we are with you! I encourage everyone else to join a strike near you and give these workers the support they deserve.


Morello and the song got national attention when he and grandson performed the song on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Battle Creek will want to pay attention just past the two-minute mark as "BCTGM bakers and production workers" is written on the first of many index cards listing unions on strike. The final card reads "solidarity" in large black capital letters. The Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers, and Grain Millers' union is also spotlighted in the Union Strong version of the "Hold the Line" music video, with a striking Kellogg worker making clear their reason for walking the picket lines: "We're out here on strike for one class of people. Not first, not second class- we're all the same."

GoFundMe for Battle Creek's local 3G has raised over $75,000 so far.

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