Today, we take for granted that there are literally dozens of flavor varieties of Pop-Tarts in the world, and for us southwest Michiganders, we know where it all started. Kellogg's originally introduced the shelf-stable fruit pastry in 1964 after their biggest competitor, Post, announced their own similar product early.

What ensued was a mad race to be first to shelves, which ultimately Kellogg's won. But can you imagine how crazy it must have been at that time at Kellogg's? Well, Jerry Seinfeld thinks he knows, or at least has his own version of it, and is ready to release it in a movie on Netflix this year.

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"Unfrosted" (Trailer at the bottom of the page) is literally a movie about the premiere of Pop-Tarts from the viewpoint of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who also stars as a high-level executive at Kellogg's in the his own movie. The cast is stacked with comedian juggernauts like Melissa McCarthy, Dan Levy, Amy Schumer, Bill Burr, Fred Armisen, Jim Gaffigan, and major actors like James Marsden, Hugh Grant, and Christian Slater in various rolls for both the Post and Kellogg's companies.

In the film, Post announces they have a shelf-stable toaster pastry ready, and will soon have it to market. Kellogg's finds out, and frantically pulls together a team of experts like Chef Boyardee, Steve Schwinn (?), and fitness mogul Jack LaLanne, to design and release a product before Post.

Unfrosted Film

Now, obviously, once you watch the trailer, a LOT of this story has been embellished. The casting list actually has people playing Toucan Sam, Snap, Crackle and Pop, and Tony the Tiger. So it's gonna be ridiculous.

BUT, it is still somewhat based on actual history.

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The Real Pop-Tarts Story

The bit about Post announcing a shelf-stable toaster pastry first is correct. In 1964, the cereal magnate announced their "Country Squares," which were dehydrated pastry and fruit sealed in mylar and foil packets, that did not need refrigerating, and could stay on the shelf without spoiling.

The process was originally used for dog food, and repurposed for these.

The problem is, Post announced their product before they could produce it, and Kellogg's pounced. Within four months, they had developed their own Toaster pastry they called "Pop-Tarts," based on the popular "Pop Art" movement happening at the same time.

Before Post could get their first shipment of Country Squares out, the first batch of Pop-Tarts had been shipped to stores, sold out, and restocked again. In fact, Pop-Tarts were so dominant right out the gate, Post rebranded their product to "Toast'em Pop-Ups." But still, they couldn't keep up, and sold the rights to the product to another company in 1971.

Jerry Seinfeld's movie seems like a fever-dream version of this story, and far more comedic. The movie will release on may 3rd on Netflix, and you can see the trailer below.

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