You've heard the phrase "Eat the Rich" before, but have you ever heard of "Starve the Rich?" The new form of sticking it to corporate America has begun to take hold in a number of informal bans of some big companies' products. Most notably, though, is Kellogg's.

Last month, their CEO stepped in some hot water after suggesting struggling families should "eat cereal for dinner" to try and save some money. That didn't sit well with a lot of people, and now, the starve-out is on for people who used to love the cereal. AND, they're coming up with creative ways to continue to have their favorites, without contributing to the company they're boycotting.

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Following the remarks of Kellogg's CEO Gary Pilnick in an interview with CNBC, many Americans were rightfully upset that instead of offering some aid, he just managed to push a marketing campaign that Kellogg's had been using for about a year.

It also felt a little insulting.

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So the masses did what they do, began talking on social media - mainly TikTok - and organized a boycott of the cereal products. And according to at least one TikTok user, it worked.


@kal1909 The #kelloggsboycott is working! Stay strong! 💪 I included a #homemadefood recipe for #goldengrahams in case anyone needs it! We got this! #taylornation #greenscreen ♬ cruel summer sped up - r & m &lt3 ⸆⸉

Some people following the Boycott simply quit buying the Kellogg's cereals, and moved to other products. While some went even further, and began to make their own corn Flakes, which they claim are just as good, if not better... and ESPECIALLY better FOR you.  

@rocketman_dee Did someone say boycott? I learned this week that making homemade cereal is actually really this easy! Even from “scratch scratch” 😉 These cornflakes took less that 10 minutes to mix up, the longest part was drying them out. If you wanna join the boycott but don’t have the desire or time to make your own, I also saw that Aldi brand is a great non-Kellogg’s options! Happy boycotting! #kelloggs #boycottkelloggs #cereal #homemadecereal #homemadefood #cornflakes #happinessishomemade ♬ You've Got to Stand for Something - Aaron Tippin

I was genuinely unaware how easy it actually is to make Corn Flakes until I saw that video.

The initial boycott was set for two months, but if people continue to find ways to make their own Kellogg's cereals at home, and for much cheaper, the impact may be much larger in the long run.

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