Bowl season is underway, and while the rest of the state of Michigan is anticipating the January 1st bowl game between the Wolverines and the Alabama Crimson Tide, others, like me, are watching more astutely to the earlier games in the week, and their unique characteristics.

The Cheez-It Bowl has a cooler full of Cheez-Its that are dumped on the head coach after the win, and one of the grossest new traditions is dumping an entire water cooler of mayonnaise over the head of the winning head coach in the Duke's Mayo Bowl. BUT, a new tradition has just dropped... the Kellogg's Pop-Tart Bowl will feature REAL Pop-Tarts, that you can eat, in its trophy.

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Yep, the trophy was unveiled this week, and sure enough, in two "toaster slots" on top of the MASSIVE silver trophy, there will be two frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts, ready to eat, for the winner of the game.

Also, they unveiled it by removing a giant Pop-Tarts bag that they made SPECIFICALLY for this trophy.

This year, Kansas State and North Carolina State will be playing for the now coveted snackfood trophy that was made possible through the Kellogg's Company, based out of Battle Creek. So, it's possible that those specific Pop-Tarts were made in Battle Creek, so that's pretty cool.

But this is now one of the most unique trophies in the already crowded bowl season, where every bowl game is looking for some kind of edge, or "thing" to stick out above the rest. Kellogg's and Pop-Tarts certainly found a way to be unique, and fun with their winning trophy.

K-State and North Carolina State kick off the Pop-Tarts Bowl at 2:15 Thursday, and cheers to whoever gets to take the winning bite out of the trophy.

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