We've had more than a few stories cross our paths lately about how scammers are coming up with even more ingenious ways to separate us from our money.  In addition, we learned this week that more Millennials are getting scammed than the elderly simply because they trust more what they're finding on line..

Gone are the days when you'd find that email from a Nigerian prince but what does remain a large part of the scamming community are the phone scams.  The most prominent is the one where they simply get you to say the word "yes" and then use that to facilitate your authorization.  We don't answer our house phone unless we recognize the number and we rarely do because anyone we know will call our cell.  I was surprised to find that, more and more, our cell phones are now targets.

So, apart from not answering your cell from an unfamiliar number, there are certain area codes to avoid. The most "dangerous" is 473 which is from Grenada.  The scammers are mainly using locations in the Caribbean so also avoid the +1 prefix.  The other area codes to avoid are:

242- Bahamas, 246- Barbados, 268, Antigua, 345 Cayman Islands, an 809, 829, 849- Dominican Republic.

You've been warned.  Good Luck.


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