There is, at least, one irrefutable fact... BACON IS DELICIOUS!!!  If you're like us you joke all the time that you can put bacon on anything and everything and if you stop to think about it there really aren't very many things that wouldn't work.  I remember my dad saying he'd eat anything.  Even ketchup on cake!  Guess what?  I'd eat bacon on cake!  So what if somebody in the food industry offered bacon on anything they had.

Well, according to, McDonalds will be offering something unprecedented.  Could it have something to do with Burger King selling Whoppers for a penny if you texted from a McDonalds?  Or honoring McDonalds "coins" for free food after they'd expired?  Maybe.  All I know is we reap the benefits.  So here it is:  McDonalds will be offering a "Bacon Hour" on January 25th from 4pm to 5pm.  During that time you'll get 2 slices of applewood bacon on ANYTHING on the menu including ice cream.  Get more of the story by clicking HERE.

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