Any small business owners will attest to the difficulties the past year has presented to keeping their business alive. The Barn Theatre in Augusta is no different. Started in 1946, there have been more than a few times its future was in question, but none like the past year with Covid shutting, essentially, everything down.

Here's a interesting two and a half minute trailer/video synopsis of the Barn's history from the documentary, "The Barn Theatre: Tomorrow's Stars Today". (The trailer and video has language that is NSFW-not safe for work) The trailer also spotlights the many, now famous, aspiring actors who have come through The Barn. From the likes of Diane Ladd (now more famous for being Laura Dern's mother) and James B. Sikking (Hill St. Blues) to Dana Delaney (China Beach), Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) and Tom Wopat (Dukes of Hazzard) and more recently, Young Sheldon's Lance Barber, and Jennifer Gamer, of whom Barber tells a colorful story in the documentary. There's also a link on the Barn's website with even more stars.

After an attempted 2020 summer season that brought pivots, innovation, and some tough breaks, the Barn Theatre was forced to rethink their yearly shows, leaving many dedicated patrons and supporters unsure of how to help. But with a rich history, having begun back in 1946, owners Brendan and Penelope Ragotzy took the difficulty in stride and vowed to come out stronger than ever. - Barn Theatre release.

So, with a lot of hard work, patience, established good will, and generosity, The Barn is planning a 75th Jubilee Celebration throughout the 2021 season.

The owners found unique items to auction off during the holidays to creative revenue. And with the help of several local foundations, businesses and dedicated supporters, it's "full speed ahead" for this 75th season.

The Barn's website promises the summer schedule will be announced soon, with the box office opening on May 25th. There's also a big jubilee gala in late June.

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