The football "draft-niks" will be watching anyway, but for some of the rest of us, who are a bit more casual when it comes to watching things like the NFL Draft, this could be fun.

The NFL Draft is hard to explain nowadays. Its primary purpose is for all the teams of the NFL to choose players from college, to build their rosters, and to someday win the Super Bowl. (Really, that's what all these past draft years were all about for the Lions, even when Matt Millen ran the show. No kidding.)

But the NFL isn't the biggest money-making sport in the United State by accident. They know this is a TV show. Heck, it's on two networks; last year it was on three. And they continue to add showbiz elements. And don't forget also, the draft is in Las Vegas this year.

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Having said all that, announcing the Detroit Lions' second-round draft pick will be the greatest Lion of all time, Barry Sanders, and maybe the funniest man to come out of Motown, actor and comedian Keegan-Michael Key, a native of Southfield.

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions
DETROIT, MI: Former Detroit Lions, Barry Sanders during the Pro Football Hall of Fame half time show at the NFL game against the Chicago Bears at Ford Field on October 18, 2015 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Now, I wouldn't expect an SNL routine or anything like that, but if you're flying in Sanders and Key, you might as well give them something to do. Round Two is Friday night. One thing. One thing that I don't understand. Why not save these two for two years from now when the draft is in Detroit. That would be one hellacious reaction in Motown.

As for Friday night, with the Lions picking early in the round, you still have time to do everything you want to do.

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