Now that the 2023-24 NFL season is officially over, all eyes are set to '24-25, especially if you’re a Lions fan. It was a magical run into the NFC Championship, but unfortunately did not end the way we hoped it would have.

But that is now "last season," and the Lions season had to start its run through Kansas City. This year, all roads to the Super Bowl run through Detroit, starting with the NFL Draft. Detroit is now on the Clock. 

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April 25-27, downtown Detroit will be NFL Central. The league’s biggest spectacle, behind the Super Bowl, is taking its talents to the Great Lakes State, and the shores of the Detroit River. For Lions fans, it’s a proud moment. It gives them a chance to show off what they’ve been building for decades, and what Dan Campbell has been building for the past three years. 

And now that we’ve seen what the setup is going to look like, for Detroiters, it’ll be equal parts amazing, and obnoxious. (Thankfully, it's only for about a week.)

The first look of the NFL Draft 2024 setup just dropped this past week on the NFL’s official social media channels, and it is clear that nearly all of downtown Detroit is going to be nearly inaccessible... but MAN is it gonna look cool. 

First thing’s first, the stage looks great, and really positioned in a great spot in a newly-cleared spot where the National Theatre once stood. From there the space for the Draft crowd fills the Monroe Street Midway along Monroe Street, down to Campus Martius Park. Then, it takes a turn to the southeast on Woodward Avenue, crossing Jefferson Avenue, and finally dumping the crowd off at the Horace E. Dodge Fountain on the river. 

The entire setup will encompass a strip of a little more than seven blocks of downtown Detroit, and they’ll need every bit of it, since last year’s draft in Kansas City brought in nearly 312,000 people. And you better believe that a large majority will be Lions fans. 

The Lions will only have one pick (assuming they don’t trade up) on the first day, picking at No. 29 overall. The real meat and potatoes, though, of Detroit’s draft picks will fall on Day 2 during rounds 2 and 3, and on the final day in rounds 5, 6, and 7. 

Are you planning to go?

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