The Bath Township Police Department is known for owning the internet, and their fireworks post is continuing the trend.

They put up a Facebook message concerning 4th of July fireworks habits. In true Bath fashion though, they didn't just say, "Don't be drunk and stupid with fireworks this year." They were a little more creative about their messaging.

Sure Fireworks safety is very important, and they do cover that in their FB post, but they also cover firework viewing courtesy.

If you disagree with anything the Bath Police have to say in their Facebook post, then you need to take it somewhere else.

The thing that makes the Bath PD so smart is their knowledge of the internet. The observations they made are spot on, because who ever wants to watch fireworks from a screen?! It's also better to be sober and safe when holding on to an explosive, but the hashtags are what brings it all together.

Obviously there is the Joe Dirt reference.

Everyone picks up on that, but pulling out the "Back Up Terry" video is a stroke of pure genius. If you're not familiar with Terry, then you should take a minute and educate yourself.

Of course no viral video is complete without a million remixes of the video.

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