Hundreds of people are injured every year from fireworks accidents. Most of them occur at the home. Sadly, multiple incidents resulted in house fires, and one person even being killed in west Michigan this year.

But even the big shows have their mishaps, and this year seemed especially treacherous across western Michigan and in Ohio.

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Columbus, Ohio

The mishap in Ohio had nothing to do with the fireworks themselves, but rumos of a shooting in the crowd.

The rumors sent crowds running from the display, that actually went off without a hitch. But nonetheless, the community was shaken afterward.

Allegan July Jubilee

The big one in west Michigan was in Allegan, as errant fireworks landed directly in a crowd of people in downtown during Monday's display. Several witnesses had footage of the fireworks exploding VERY nearby, then suddenly, right in the crowd.  

The incident resulted in multiple injuries with one person going to the hospital.

Otsego Lake

One fireworks display that was doomed for failure before it even went off happened up north at Lake Otsego. The good news is, nobody was hurt. The bad news is... there was no fireworks display, as it was canceled at the last second.

One area resident told WWMT about it.

"We were all set up, had our lawn chairs out, then people were walking along the beach saying the fireworks were cancelled because apparently the barge broke in half and they lost all their fireworks in the water."

Yep. $20,000 worth of fireworks broke the barge they were floating on, and sank to the bottom of the lake.

At least the weather was nice for a night on the beach.

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