Think of it as the last step before a re-birth. Downtown Battle Creek's McCamly Plaza Hotel shut down almost two years ago. Then plan was for it do become a Hilton Double-Tree, but plan that fell through, so Battle Creek Unlimited stepped up and bought the place and said we'll do it ourselves, sort of. The facility is in the latter stages of a liquidation sale. You can see pictures of what's left, below, if you scroll down.

But the hopeful news is, after this sale is completed, work can commence on, essentially, demolishing the insides and then, if everything goes according to plan, a new downtown hotel will rise, figuratively, in it's place sometime next year.

If there ever was a comeback story to be written, Battle Creek would be it, and this 15 story hotel would be a big part of the puzzle. it started out in the early 1980's as Stouffer's Hotel, but like the Lakeview Square Mall, which opened a couple of years later, both fell on hard times. Downtown Battle Creek is still hurting, most recently with the loss of Horrock's to, ironically, the Lakeview Square Mall. The Mall is showing small signs of, if not resurgence, at least is trying, like almost every mall left in the country, to reinvent itself with businesses like Horrock's.

With Kellogg's world headquarters, downtown will always have activity, but for whatever reason, the bright spots haven't been able to sustain and/or multiply.

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Here's what the Battle Creek Unlimited Facebook post says:

Don’t miss your chance to buy items from the McCamly Plaza Hotel Liquidation Sale in downtown Battle Creek. Open Weds - Friday from (10 am - 5 pm) and Saturday from (10 am - 3 pm). Everything must go

So, if you're looking for that special something, take a peek at what's for sale.

McCamly Plaza Hotel, Battle Creek, Michigan, Liquidation Sale

Items available and remaining at the McCamly Plaza Hotel in Battle Creek, Michigan, Liquidation Sale

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