Chief Blocker, from the Battle Creek Police Dept. was asked if he would be increasing local security in light of recent events. You can read his response here. Thursday nights peaceful protest in Dallas, Texas turned violent when several shooters took aim at law enforcement, killing 5 and wounding 6. Battle Creeks Police Chief was asked if he would be stepping up the security of his police force and the community. his response was posted on Facebook

as follows.

"We grieve for Dallas, the community, and our brothers and sisters in LE. We all lose on this one.

We have gained too much ground in this community to allow fear to set in. We are in this thing with our community. Our extra precautions are to be sensitive to our community, caring to our Officers, and remain vigilant today, as we were yesterday. This will not change until conditions on the ground here in this community dictate otherwise."

Several comments to his statement came in praising his statement and commending his commitment to the community.

The protest in Dallas was over the deaths of 2 black men by police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana. With today's social media being able to go live at a moments notice, several videos went straight to Facebook as the  events unfolded.