What started out as a call on an assault at a Battle Creek laundromat, became a drug bust that included colorful pills, which at first glance, resembled children's vitamins.

At around 9:40 AM, on August 17th, Battle Creek Police arrived at the Finish Line Laundy, on East Columbia Avenue, to investigate an assault complaint that occurred at the business. During the investigation, they obtained a vehicle description that was believed to be connected to the assault. An alert officer, while on patrol, noticed the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop which evolved an assault and battery investigation into the world of narcotics and methamphetamine.

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A young 18-year-old Battle Creek man was at the wheel and a search of the vehicle revealed several narcotics and a package that contained what appeared to be several colorful pills or children’s vitamins. Suspicions were aroused and the package was whisked off to the Battle Creek Police lab for further testing. The preliminary results reveal that the curious-shaped pills show presumptive signs of methamphetamine.

Police initially arrested the young man on charges of illegal narcotics and assault; however, further charges linger as a follow-up identification of the pills is conducted. As the investigation continues, Battle Creek Police are warning the community to be aware of pills like this, and the potential risk of a child’s access to them. If any suspicious pills or substances are ever found, it is always a good idea to contact the police.

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