A road rage incident in Battle Creek is leaving two area men in jail. If you were driving around Battle Creek yesterday, you might have been near what turned into a long-drawn-out rolling incident. Battle Creek police report the two vehicles involved went for nearly 7 miles on area roads before the primary suspect vehicle was located and stopped by officers.

The whole thing began out on I-94 where an unidentified driver spotted another vehicle weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed. Then the second driver reported being cut off by the speeding driver. The second one tried to catch up to get the license plate number. That went on for miles, moving from I-94, to Capital, to Beckley, then back along Beckley to Riverside, and then to Columbia. The second driver reports during the chase, the first showed a handgun out a window and pointed it at the following driver.

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Police caught up with them on Columbia and were able to get the first driver to stop. Police arrested both driver and passenger in that vehicle and confiscated a handgun. The 24-year-old driver and his 18-year-old passenger spent the night at the Calhoun County jail.

The statewide law firm Michigan Auto Law recommends against engaging in any way with a belligerent or aggressive driver. The law firm has a list of suggestions on its website about road rage including to back off and simply report the incident. Of course, that should be done once you can safely pull off the roadway and stop before calling.  The key suggestion; “The best way to reduce this driving behavior is to not engage in it, to steer clear of it when you see others engaging in it, and to report it to the police as soon as you can safely do so. The best defense is to remain calm and not to engage with a belligerent driver. To protect everyone’s safety, never exit your car.”

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