The city of Battle Creek is excited to announce that starting July 3 residents can expect late fees on utility bills that are late. During the pandemic, the city took pity on its residents by ending late fees, considering the situation. But that pity just doesn't pay the bills for long.

This gesture almost seemed as if the late fees were not necessary, to begin with, but the thought has been rendered obsolete as they’re excited to announce the return of late fees.

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No Money? Your Problem

Starting July 3 they announced that there will be a 10% late fee charged to the total of the unpaid bill past the 30 days of the due date, and the late charge will be 10% of the bill owed, not the total owed.

The city is hoping that the return of these late fees will encourage timely bill payment and help provide funds for system maintenance and help them continue to provide the best utility service, according to the announcement.

No Money? No Problem

Of course, there are still payment plans for people who are struggling, but as you can imagine the exciting news of taking money away from you that you don’t have has some people a little puzzled:

Despite the Pandemic appearing to be over there is a ton more people struggling thanks to the crazy inflation for starters. You all want more revenue try cleaning up and rebuilding some of these neighborhoods with crumbling sidewalks and terrible street lighting.

Also the "convenience" fees:

How about you stop charging people service fees to pay online. That's highway robbery!

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